Is Kenmare the top tourist town of Kerry?

This is an age-old debate and we’re obviously biased here at No. 35 Restaurant but we’ve always believed that Kenmare is in fact the top tourist town in Co. Kerry despite what the neighbours in Killarney, Tralee and Dingle say!

And some video evidence has been unearthed from YouTube in which renowned tourism expert Rick Steves states why he likes Kenmare the best of all of the towns in Co. Kerry:

The eternal beauty of the Irish landscape is most breath-taking with a sweep around the Ring of Kerry. And a great jumping-off point for this tour is Kenmare, with its cozy feel and close proximity to the peninsula. “

…before then taking us on a whistle-stop tour of the county which showcases the sheer beauty of all of Kerry!

So what do you think? Yep, we know that you already think Kenmare is best town in all of Co. Kerry & let’s face it, the best in all of Ireland too!

For family celebrations, birthdays or anniversary celebrations view our hugely popular group menu at No. 35 Kenmare Restaurant


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Kenmare Golf Club Sisters Classic 11th & 12th July 2015

Kenmare Golf Club Sisters Classic 11th & 12th July 2015 promises to be great day out in the spectacular surroundings of Kenmare Golf Club:


For further information please contact

For dinner reservations afterwards at No 35 Restaurant Kenmare  please visit our website at & analyse where your golf game went right or went wrong with award-winning cuisine & great selection of both craft beers and wines.

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Irish Dance Show Kenmare

Casey’s restaurant at the Brook Lane Hotel (our sister property) in association with the Bernie O’ Sullivan school of dance are pleased to announce our new show every Monday and Wednesday.

All our dancers are champions with an array of European and World championship titles under their belt.

Please book your table for dinner and enjoy a great evening’s entertainment.

No cover charge just have dinner with us and we will entertain you –


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Killarney’s July Racing Festival

Killarney’s July Racing Festival is the centre piece of Killarney’s Racing Calendar and has a mix of both national hunt and flat racing. The Festival kicks off on Monday 13th of July for four days. Monday to Wednesday are evening meetings and Thursday is an afternoon meeting and features the prestigious Queen of Fashion Ladies Day.
Family Evening gets the Festival started on Monday; the dedicated Kids zone has lots on offer for children of all ages, including bouncy castles, stilt walkers magic and puppet shows.


Here’s a little taster of the what awaits you at Killarney Races:


Tuesday & Wednesday evenings feature great Racing with first race on both evenings off at 5.30p.m. approx..
Killarney’s Ladies Day is the highlight of the July Festival, and is one of the most prestigious Ladies Day on the Racing Calendar. The first race on Thursday card is off at approx.. 2pm however early attendance is advisable given the popularity of the day.




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UK’s first free range milk label launched

This article by Katy Askew recently caught our eye given our desire to serve the best possible quality food menus here in Kerry, safe in the knowledge that local producers are being supported both fairly and that they are rewarded for their ethical methods of producing food ingredients:

“The Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise label was launched in the UK last week in an effort to alert consumers to whether the milk they buy is free range and “support farmers” by paying a “fair price” for cows that are kept in fields for at least six months of the year.


Here’s a really fun video from the guys over at the Free Range Dairy Network which demonstrates the happy life of a free-range dairy cow!


Free Range Dairy Network, a nationwide network of farmers who produce free-range milk, was formed in response to what it termed the “dairy crisis” hitting UK dairy farmers. According to the group, global market volatility in the dairy sector has resulted in a 30% drop in farmgate milk prices over the past 12 months. This, the Free Range Dairy Network argued, is driving “traditional family farms” out of business as milk is supplied from “increasingly intensive farming systems”.

The network aims to connect farmers with local milk processors to ensure dedicated milk collection from farms that will mean Pasture Promise milk is not mixed with milk from intensively farmed dairy cows – as is the current situation. The focus is on supplying smaller independent processors because, the Network said, this would support local communities.

“In today’s marketplace there is currently little alternative for dairy farmers other than the relentless pursuit of higher milk volumes, delivered from increasingly intensive methods. But, we want to offer farmers a vision of the future founded on value rather than volume. By labelling milk and dairy products with the Pasture Promise label we can define the value in their milk from traditional, seasonally grazed dairy herds and farming system,” dairy farmer Neil Darwent, co-director of the Free Range Dairy Network, commented.

Carol Lever, co-director Free Range Dairy Network, added: “Most consumers see pictures of cows grazing in fields when they buy milk and believe the milk they are buying has come from those cows. Whether you support intensive systems or not, at present because all the milk is mixed together you have no choice but to buy milk from those farms. The Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise label is a way for consumers to choose what type of farming system they want to support, safe in the knowledge this is helping keep pasture based farmers in business and cows in fields.”

Thank you to great article from Katy Askew & we applaud the efforts of the Free Range Dairy Network & others in implementing this type of labelling to provide a clear and concise choice for consumers.

And we’re certainly in favour of similar efforts being introduced to Ireland as we continue to strive to serve high quality Kerry restaurant food sourced from ethical local producers & beyond.


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Ring of Kerry Cycle July 2015

The Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle now in its 32nd year, is the biggest one day charity fundraising event in Munster, attracting thousands of leisure cyclists who will experience a fun and rewarding day’s cycling, completing 112 miles of the spectacular Ring of Kerry, while at the same time fundraising for worthy Kerry based charities.

The Start and Finish Line location will again be at the New Street Car Park, Killarney Town Centre (behind the Town Hall).
There are 2 food stops sponsored by LIDL – one in Caherciveen and one in Kenmare. Both will be signposted.

There will also be food and water available along the route. Nature Valley are supplying free Nature Valley Bars – please be advised that these contain nuts.
The Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle is being promoted under the auspices of Cycling Ireland and all entrants must adhere to the following guidelines from their Safety Code.
Casey’s Bar and Restaurant will again be providing refreshments for all the cyclists passing Brook Lane Hotel in the afternoon.

We wish everyone a very safe and successful cycle in 2015.

For your after event meal No 35 Kenmare will be open in Main Street from 5.30pm for dinner.

And if you’ve got 180 seconds to spare check out this great video from Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle which captures all of the fun, excitement & atmosphere (along with the stunning scenic beauty of the region) of what is a truly unique day in the calendar of The Kingdom:

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Craigies Cider – From Wicklow’s Orchards To Kenmare’s Tables

We previously visited the wonderful West Waterford Food Festival as we’re always on the lookout for new & exciting tastes and inspirations to bring to No.35 Kenmare. By venturing outside of the county (where we’ve already got a vibrant Kerry restaurant/food & drink scene) to surrounding regions to source new ideas and ingredients we can continue to bring our customers the best that Ireland has to offer direct from committed & passionate suppliers.

“Gin, Whiskey and Cider were among the tipples highlighted in a drinks series at Merry’s Pub in Dungarvan as part of the West Waterford Food Festival. Simon Tyrrell spoke on Craft Cider on Saturday and gave us an idea of the challenges, both natural (weather, terroir) and regulatory (punitive duty), facing the new wave of producers.

Simon, a winemaker in the Rhone, makes Craigie’s Cider in County Wicklow, where his partners are Angus Craigie, Ralf Högger, Emma Tyrrell and Alan Garrioch.  Sourcing good apples can be a problem;  Simon is convinced that Ireland produces some of the best apples in the world “but difficult to find”.

Dabinett and Michelin are perhaps the best known cider apples in Ireland. Simon works a lot with Dabinett. “It looks awful, gnarled, small. The flesh is woody and it has tannins.” But these tannins give structure and also help the cider age and eventually helps the interaction between cider and food.

Cider makers only get one chance a year to get it right – a major difference with the making of beer! “We only make vintage cider, “ he said, as he introduced us to Craigie’s Dalliance 2012. “No blends from different years. Cider should taste different from year to year.” Cider looks to express the best qualities of the fruit, show where the nuances lie.

The apples used in 2012 were from the Cappoquin Estate. Elstar is a favourite with Simon: “the finest eating apple” accounts for fifty per cent of the blend. The varieties, the other is Falstaff, were fermented separately “because they ripened separately” and are then allowed sit on the lees for 15 months.

“You have pear and apple like flavours and a natural freshness. The PH, at 2.9, is very low and this helps protect the emerging cider”.

Craigies Cider At No. 35 Kenmare Restaurant

Next up for tasting was the Dalliance 2013 and there were differences, some down to the weather which was better for this one. June and July were very good months and September was above average.

“This is a different drinking experience. It is drier, has a less complex flavour profile but not the concentration of the 2012. Might get there but not sure!”

If the Dalliance illustrated the effect of the weather, the next cider, the Ballyhook Flyer, showed the way soil can impact on the cider. The Flyer is their “principal” cider and is made from 80% Dabinett (availability of this type is increasing) and also some Katy (desert) and Bramley. As he talked  us through the Flyer 2012, we could see that the “dry” sensation is more prominent than in the Dalliance. “Because the PH is higher.”

An extra orchard, near Carrick on Suir, was used for Dabinett in 2013. Here, a slight change in the soil type gave the cider more body, more tannin, and Simon is thinking of using barrel aging in future vintages of the Flyer to “help polish the tannins”. The aromas at this stage are less expressive. It has some of same characteristics as the 2012 but the style is “more gripping” because of the new source for the Dabinett.”

So if you are after a unique cider taste experience be sure to sample our Craigies Cider range when you visit No.35 Kenmare and our carefully selected menu ingredients will combine effortlessly with the authentic and vintage blends from this ever-popular Irish cider producer.

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Irish Pork, is it ? At No. 35 Kenmare, it is!

DNA Tests Show Less Than 50% Of Pig Meat Sold Is Irish
DNA testing of samples from butchers across Ireland has revealed that less than half of the pig meat products sold here are actually Irish.

The certified traceability programme was launched by the Irish Farmers’ Association to identify imported pigmeat and to ensure that consumers are not being misled about the origin of their meat – this is something that we at No. 35 Restaurant Kenmare are great advocates of.

120 products – including mince, rashers, back bacon and pork – were sampled at various locations around the country and 51% were not assigned to the Irish Boar Database, implying that they originated outside the country. The database is a joint initiative between the IFA and the Association of Irish Craft Butchers, which obliges craft butchers to display the country of origin for meat.

The IFA national pigs and pigmeat committee chairman Pat O’Flaherty said “the level of imported product identified by the DNA testing is compounded by the fact that the country of origin was not displayed in any of the butchers’ stores audited. Over 80% are part of the programme, yet none carried country-of-origin labeling.”

The ACBI has pointed the finger at suppliers who, they say, may be supplying imported meat to butchers and passing it off as Irish, and has called for greater transparency in the supply chain.

Among the butchers held up as examples of best practice was Cork’s Ó Crualaoí’s, who have four butcher’s shops around the county. They, along with Quinn’s of County Clare, were described as “star performers” in the report.

“These stores are members of the Association of Craft Butchers and it should be pointed out that the ACBI members showed much greater support for Irish meat than the non-members” said Mr O’Flahtery. “We appreciate that the local butcher is under pressure. However, that is not an excuse to mislead the consumer on the origin of their meat. A fresh round of testing in butchers shops will commence next month,” he concluded.

All of the above points to the need of complete transparency in the industry & why we are extremely proud to serve pork which has been hand-reared on Dermot Brennan’s farm just outside Kenmare & we look forward to seeing even more restaurants in Kerry following suit in terms of supporting local pork producers.

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Christmas in Kenmare

Christmas in Kenmare



It’s nearly Christmas time again.

Kenmare has always been a special and unique place to celebrate Christmas and New Year.
The Christmas celebrations are now complimented by the wonderful Kenmare Choral Festival. This special combination will leave you with many lasting memories.
Come and see the town crib, sparkling town lights and beautiful shop windows. Visit the food and craft markets and Winter Wonderland; listen to storytelling and Christmas Choral song from all corners of the town; watch the charming Christmas parade or catch a festive movie; taste and smell something special at one of the many food and drink events; learn a thing or two at one of the arts and crafts workshops; take part in a charity walk or Treasure Hunt; and bring in the New Year at the Gala Ball or gather at the countdown in The Square.

You will be spoilt for choice in Kenmare! Seems it is Christmas why not spoil yourself and indulge in what we have to offer:

Luxury 4* Accommodation is the perfect pre christmas treat contact Brook Lane reception on 064 6642077 or visit the website for all our special packages

Dinner  No 35 Kenmare Restaurant  is a tasty little treat for all the family Call 064 664 1559 for reservations or visit our website

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Dungarvan Helvick Gold – A Crafty Ale For Kenmare

Dungarvan Helvick Gold – A Crafty Ale For Kenmare

Craft Beer in Kenmare, Co. Kerry - Helvick Gold Irish Blonde Ale

Craft Beer in Kenmare, Co. Kerry – Helvick Gold Irish Blonde Ale

We’re always on the look out to bring new & exciting tastes to Kenmare and when we happened upon the Dungarvan Brewing Company we just had to stock their produce at our No. 35 Restaurant!

Dungarvan Brewing Company  proudly opened its doors April 2010 after years of researching, planning and developing.

The philosophy of Dungarvan brewery is one of purity:  keep the beer in its purest form by bottle-conditioning it. It isn’t filtered, isn’t pasteurised and is naturally carbonated so there is minimum interference with it between raw ingredients and finished product. All Products are made with the best quality ingredients including; Maris Otter malt, full leaf hop cones and the limestone rich water of West Waterford.

Dungarvan Helvick Gold is a refreshing blonde ale generously hopped to give bitterness and aroma that packs a punch and we’re delighted to feature this superb ale here at No. 35 & feel it really adds to our offering & helps us bring something different to the restaurant scene in Kerry.

This blonde ale is not a bland ale, there is a complexity at play here with a fruity aroma balanced by a hoppiness that makes it a slightly challenging but still quite easy to drink beer.

Helvick is a great summer’s day drink, perfect for cracking out at the barbeque. It’s an excellent beer to pair with food and works particularly well with spicy food, or try it with seafood — the citrus of the cascade hops provides the perfect accompaniment to fish and shellfish without overpowering the flavours.
Next time you visit our restaurant why not try a Helvick Gold with your meal as we’ve got a great selection of both seafood and spicy dishes on our restaurant menus.

For reservations call 064 664 1559 or visit our website

Eat & Sleep packages are available also from Brook Lane Hotel Reception. The hotel offers a variety of 4* accommodation options to suit everybody. Contact reception on 064 6642077 for more information or visit the website


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